McClaren Double Stroller Review

McClaren Double Stroller Review Video

As a mom of four, with a fear of losing my youth card I have opted to squeeze my kiddos into a more hip SUV, and without captain seats or extra storage in back I am limited with the amount of “stuff” I can bring.  That being said, any mom of multiples, (either multiple children of a similar age or two at the same age) knows that sometimes “stuff” that keeps your toddlers occupied and out of reaching for things is worth it on every trip.

So to compromise on space and still allowing my four year old to move in and out of the back seat I have opted to use a more slender double stroller than my normal tandem double stroller.

Folded up double stroller with accessory attachment.


The side-by-side stroller is a gamble with two rambunctious boys who like to mess with each other and nowhere to go while strapped next to each other. However, it actually feels like they enjoy this enough and they still feel like they are in their own seats rather than a love seat type double stroller.

Nice deep reclining seats and individual shades to block the sun.

The foldability of this stroller is pretty easy, although the one downfall is the fact that the umbrella stroller is top heavy while folded and will not stay upright. This really becomes a problem because the handle bars are taller than most umbrella strollers and therefore storage in a car becomes a bit cumbersome.

Self-locking closure on sides of stroller make storage easy.

Long curved handlebars help with taller adults

Self-locking closure helps to keep umbrella stroller closed while moving.

Easy to set up with just a few clicks

Adjustable sun visors, that can lock into place.

Extra storage space accessory (bought separate)

Stroller – Maclaren Twin Triumph

Accessories – Footmuff

Universal Buggy Organizer

Favorite snacks and cups for stroller rides – Snack Pod holder

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