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Finding Fall Florals in Southwest Michigan

There’s something about the end of summer and the beginning of Fall that makes me want to hold onto the color and light a little more. Knowing that the dark and cold filled nights are approaching quickly in Michigan makes me savor the sweet warm days and anything the sun touches.

Over the weekend we were on the hunt for a perky  sunflower to make the last of our summer days hold on a little longer. Instead of a normal bright yellow or dark yellow sunflower I came home with dyed sunflowers. These sunflowers had coloring added to their roots and so they turned a sweet and soft yellow into a brilliant and bright burnt orange.

The color reminded me of the eclipse a few weeks ago and the change of Fall that is now in the air. It is the perfect blend of what is about to happen in our season, the greens and yellows are going to fade and the bright reds and oranges are going to take over our area and push our color right out until winter comes in and swoops us up for the long haul.

Finding such a beautiful blended flower reminded me of the floral artistry in this area and some of my favorite places for flowers.

Martins Supermarkets As odd as it seems to get a great floral from a supermarket I absolutely swear by Martins for flowers. I got married here and bought all my flowers from my arrangements from Martins and they were out of this world beautiful and at a great cost! If you need a specific flower you can ask them to order it and they are so helpful and I have never had a problem. I prefer the Saint Joseph location a tad bit more for florals, mostly because their selection seems a bit better.

Devries Family Farms  Floral Stand Cleveland Ave Floral Stand

This is an owner’s personal floral stand off of Cleveland road going south, right before you reach Glenlord Road (on the right). This stand has the most beautiful arrangements, not to mention the adorable wooden flower stand itself. The florals cost a steal of $4 a bushel right now and they last and last and last. I absolutely love this area because it’s a midwest small town mentality and so you just pay for what you take. I love that we still can trust people!


Saint Joseph and Benton Harbor Farmer Markets – There are tons of vendors at the Farmers markets that have some of the most beautiful and bright florals I have ever seen. I just love to walk through and check out all the flowers. The farmers markets are open from May until end of September. Check them out this weekend, as there are only a few more farmer’s markets left to enjoy!