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Natural Homemade Baby and Toddler Wipes

When my second child was born there was a huge recall on various brands of baby wipes which were causing babies to develop chemical rashes from the ingredients in the wipes. Thousands of babies were affected by the wipes which made me rethink what I was using. The convenience of disposal wipes is something that I have unfortunately not been able to give up yet even as an earthy mama. I have made my own cloth wipes and have used cloth diapers and although I used them a ton with my second child it was so nice to have things on the go when sticky hands or dirty hands needed some attention and there wasn’t a bathroom near by. I use the ¬†medical baby wipes for changes at the house and take the round plastic container with me to parks for cleaning dirty hands, feet and faces.

Here’s how I make the wipe solution (I doubled this version in the pictures):

First I take 1 Tbsp of Coconut Oil ( I like to heat mine up for a minute in the microwave to liquefy it).

Then I add 1 tsp of Witch Hazel, 1 Tbsp of baby soap (I use Dr. Bronners but you could use any mild baby wash you would use on your baby), about 5 drops of lavender essential oil (I also use about 3 drop of orange essential oil, I just love the smell and orange oil is a natural astringent) and then I add about 1 1/2 cups of warm water and mix with a whisk until it all combined.




I sometimes do this directly in the container but I prefer to mix in a spouted glass cup and pour the solution on the bottom of the container and then layer the wipes a few at a time, pouring the solution on the layers to make sure the entire set of wipes are damp. I then leave just a small amount on solution in the container and make sure the wipes aren’t drenched but damp throughout. And viola your homemade wipes are complete!

You can use these wipes, which are similar to the ones we had at the hospital to use on our babies. I’m obsessed with these and actually they are so soft you could just use with water in a pinch.

Or you could buy paper towel and cut with a serrated knife like I did below and place into a large plastic container. I either by this kind from amazon on a monthly subscription or from Costco.



List of Supplies used:

Medical Cloth Wipes

Coconut Oil

Witch Hazel

Paper Towels

Lavender Oil



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