About Me

Hi I’m Katie, mother of four out of this world children, including a set of identical twin boys which were a huge surprise to my husband and me. Our kiddos keep us on our toes and weirdly enough mellow my control-freak side. I’m a lover of all things sweet, my baking addiction turned into a hobby as well as a career too. I live my life by each moment, cherishing the times I have with my children and also savoring the sweet quietness that comes with naps and bedtime. I’m a hopeless romantic that believes in fate, and all things happen for a reason and my love of God and my husband helps guide me through the tough parts of life. My soul is a very old one that believes in mother nature and I’m guided by all things natural and organic.  My love of fashion, makeup and fitness keep me grounded in the current world. Follow me on this journey through some chaotic, fun and even zen moments and hopefully learn some things on the way.