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May 2016


Mean it Mommy

When I was younger long before I had kids of my own I thought I knew it all and already had solutions to all types of situations and child-rearing techniques. Being an experienced babysitter for many years surely taught me all I needed to know about parenting and all the do’s and dont’s. I imagined myself as a young, hip and adored mother who just had to give “the look” for everyone to shape up and silently behave. I can cringe thinking of myself as this know-it-all who thought my children will be nothing like the rude child I once was.

I remember as I held my oldest child how I swore that we’d be the best of friends, she would confined in me, tell me all her secrets, be concerned about my disappointment and want to strive to be better. After you become a mom your life shifts and you realize the weight of motherhood, the real truth is it’s hard, painful at times but every moment counts and every conversation can matter. The reality about being a fun mom is that your child doesn’t necessarily learn all the lessons you need them to unless you draw the line of what is right and wrong and how to behave as a human being.

I often find myself feeling guilty that my parenting is strict and less friendship-braclet bound as I thought it would be, then I remind myself that my job as a mother and parent is to be a teacher, instructor and guide in life and hopefully the wisdom and morals passed down from my parents will live through me to my own children. God willing that they become the people I’d want to be surrounded by in this world.